Getting to know each other

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Post  Hafsa on Sun 27 Nov - 10:52

Hello Smile

My name is Hafsa. I'm sixteen years old. I live in Saint Jean with my two parents and my sister. She is 8 years old and i love her. I like making for her full of kisses I love you . I have also one brother, he's eighteen years old and he studing in Lyon so he come to see us the week-end. I am Maroccan (my mother) and Algerian (my father) origin. I study in high school called "Aiguerande". It's my second year.

My favourite subjects is Mathematics and Sciences but I hate French. Mad

I like laughing and speak with my friends, and watch movies in my bed with a chocolate Laughing. Twilight is my favourite movies with Robert Pattinson, he is really pretty boy.
I also love going to shopping with my mother, she's very funny and we laugh.

I like meet with a new people .Smile
So, nice to meet you Wink


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About me

Post  Louis on Sun 27 Nov - 11:49

Hello everybody Smile !
My name is Louis i am sixteen years old. I from France, i live in a village called Vauxrenard in the Beaujolais with my parents, my sister and my brother. My brother is thirteen years old and my sister is eighteen. My father is winegrower and i help him during the holidays and sometimes the weekends. I play football in a club, i enjoy this sport. I like cross the country with my hybrib bike (in the forest and roads country). I like go to the parties next to my village for fun and meets new people Very Happy. I'm in the boarding of the secondary shool. I don't know yet what i want to do later but i would like to be on business ...
During my free time i play video games, listen musics, i do sport and i go out with my friends. I have no music style, i listen everything.


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About me

Post  Margaux on Sun 27 Nov - 15:34

Hello everybody! Smile
My name is Margaux. I'm 16 years old. I'm from France.
I live in St Etienne des Oullières with my parents and my
brother, who is 12 years old.
I am in a second year at the high school from Aiguerande in Belleville.
I like playing sport, horse riding is my passion Very Happy ! I also practise the judo
since I'm 8 years old. I like listening to music, going out with my friends, ..
I'm friendly and I like meeting new people.


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Re: Getting to know each other

Post  Marianne1 on Sun 27 Nov - 17:39

Hi!! Very Happy

My name is Marianne, I'm 16 years old, and I live in a small village with my parents, my little sister (9 years old) and one of my big brother (21 years ols).My other brother live in Lyon whith his fiancée!

Like everybody, I study in Aiguerande, and I haven't any favorite subject. But I'm part of the sports association and I make various sport( climbing, kayak, bike).

I really like listening to music, of all kind (rock,pop,reggea,rap, symphonic metal,...) and from every countries (French, English, American, Korean, Japanese, Chinese). But I don't know Lithuanian music, so I count on you Edmundas and each other! Wink

Otherwise, I like spending my time with friends, laughing with them, watching movies , read books and fanfiction!

And I really like art, to analyze and to discover all the details of the works of an artist! Regrettably, we haven't this subject in school. Crying or Very sad

Other than that, I have no idea about my futur job, but I know that I want to learn Asiatic languages and more about the art!

My dream is to travel all over the world, particularly the Asiatic continent!

It is not really a good presentation but I don't know how to make it better... But if you want to speak with me on any subject, you can! Very Happy


P.s : I listened to the song from Andrius Mamontovas and it's very nice! Smile



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Post  Florianne on Sun 27 Nov - 17:57


My name is Florianne, I'm seventeen years old. I live in saint Georges of Reneins in the Beaujolais

in France. I lived with my parents, and I am the only child of my family. I have just begun my third

year to the high school Aiguerande. At the school I don’t have specially of favorite subject. My

favorite sport is t the handball. But I like very much so other sports. I like seeing my friends

the weekend, going to the cinema as well as listening to some music. And later I would like

to travel.



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Post  Emilie on Sun 27 Nov - 18:49

Hi everybody Very Happy .

My name is Emilie, I'm sixteen years old.

I live in Genouilleux, a quite small village near Belleville with my parents and my little brother, Thibaut (12 years). I study in Aiguerande highschool.

I'm a girl full of live, who always has the smile and always the word to laugh. " A day without laughter is a day lost". I love dancing when I was a little girl.

I like go out with my friends and spend time especially with my family.

I think I said most.

Nice to meet you, bye Smile .


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Re: Getting to know each other

Post  Juliette1 on Sun 27 Nov - 18:50

Hello, Very Happy

My Name is Juliette, I am 16 years old and I have two Brother. (18 and 25 years old). I live with my mum in a village called Saint-Georges-De-Reneins, and I go to School in Belleville a small town near lyon. Later I would be a psychologist at school or in hospital.

I love you => I like sport, I do Ragga (It's a jamaican dance).I love listening Music. I love Ragga, Reggae, Rap Us... I can play the piano and guitar.I also like drawing.
I spend all my free time with my friends, and I like meet new people.
I spend too a lot of time on facebook Wink

No => I hate spiders, clean my room Razz , I'm afraid of clown. I hate when all days are alike, I need things vary.

Bye ! Smile

> Juliette


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Re: Getting to know each other

Post  Lise1 on Sun 27 Nov - 19:08

Hello Very Happy ,

My name is Lise , I'm 16 years old . I live in the Beaujolais , in a village called Villié-Morgon .
I live with my parents and my little sister Léna ( 12 years old ) and I have two cats I love you .
I am in a second year at the high school from Aiguerande .
I like swimming and dancing Zumba ! tongue
I love listening music , eating chocolate ,going to the cinema and to parties with my friends .
I like laughing Laughing and people tell that I am sociable .
I have already travelled in Portugal, Republic-Tchèq and I will be pleased to speak with you soon !

Bye ! Wink


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About me

Post  Aurelie. on Mon 28 Nov - 17:10


My name is Aurelie, i'im 16 years old.
I live in Saint Georges de Reneins (in the beaujolais besides Lyon), between Villefranche sur S and Belleville sur S.
I study in Aiguerande (in 1ere L)
I have two sisters (18 and 11 years old) I have pets (1 dog, 1 cat)
I like write history, read, listen music, cook.
I want to be interpreter (traductor) german-french.
I have been in German (three times (In freiburg, in Berlin and in Karlsruhe) with school), in Spain (with my family)

Bye bye Smile


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I won't speak about tennis in this forum. So, About ME!

Post  Rémy on Tue 29 Nov - 18:08

Hi everybody

My name is Rémy , i am 15 years old and i live in Montmerle (near to nowhere)

I have 1 brother, Anthony, who works in the army.

I like music, but only rock/hard rock and metal with groups like motorhead, gun n roses, scorpion, iron maiden, acdc, pink floyd etc.... Twisted Evil

I play bass guitar, on reggae, blues, jaazz, rock etc...

I am fan of quentin Tarantino, i have seen all his movies 2 times or more,

I am a student in ES (social and economy), and i wan't to work as a commercial, i love money pig

My favourite hobby is to play on video games (especially online). If you have a ps3 add me : Laophi.

Like everybody, i gonna say that i am sociable and i love laugh. But that's not all. I am a bit bad looser and I hate rap and people who are alway sad -_-. I m not shy at all.

I sing very bad, i draw very bad and i can't dance well. In brief, i m not especially an artist Cool .

I think that's all, If you wan't to ask me something, or only speak with me, just send me a message.

See you soon, nice to meet you and have a good time !!

and sorry for my englisch lol!

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About me.

Post  Lucas1 on Tue 29 Nov - 18:30

Hi ! I'm Lucas and I'm sixteen years old.

I live with my parents in a small village near Lyon called Régnié-Durette, in the '' Beaujolais ''.

I've got a little sister who is thirteen and whose name is Eva.

I go to school in Belleville, in Aiguerande high school where I learn Economy, History, Spanish, Italian, English ... .

I like playing tennis that I practice every Friday and I like swimming too. I go to the swiming-pool on Thurdays.

I'm interested in video games such as Call Of Duty (Mw3)Very Happy and I like listening to music a lot . My favourite singers are LMFAO or Taio Cruz.

I have already travelled to Spain and Italy but I have never been to England. I would like to go to the USA one day.

That's all I have to say about me.

Bye Wink


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Post  Florian1 on Tue 29 Nov - 19:06

Hello every body.

My name is Florian,I'm 16years old,I am hight school student to Aiguerande.I live in Garnerans which is a small village near Lyon.I live with my two parents,I have a sister who is a school girl of 13 years old,I also have a little brother of 5years old.

my passions: I am fond of rugby,but I also like many of other sport such as the bycicle, tennis or swimming.I like going out with friends. I like going to the cinéma and go out in town. I love going to the evening during the week-end.

At the school the matter that I prefer is the sport but I like also math,later I don't know what I want to do in my life but I'm interest by the economy and a lot of things...

Arrow Send me a message if you want speak with me bye.Smile


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Post  Daimona on Wed 7 Dec - 19:35

Hi. I'm Daimona and I'm 15 years old. I live in Lithuania, Gergždeliai with my family: my father and mother.

I am funny, friendly and I like to meet new people. I love dancing. I like snakes but I hate spiders. Actually, I'm afraid of them.
At school my favorite subjects are Maths and Physics. Later, I want to be an accountant.

During the last holidays, I didn't travel.


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Post  Martas on Mon 12 Dec - 22:19


I’m Martas Tuominis and I’m a fifteen years old.

As you know I’m from Lithuania, a small city Kursenai.

I am living at five person family. My mum name is Jurate and father Romas. I have 2 brothers, too. Younger brother is Emilis fourteen years old and youngest Justas, which is 2 years old. J During my Holidays I’m traveling and I think I was at 2/3 parts of Europe. Very Happy

I’m learning at Kursenai Pavenciai Secondary School. Sometimes it’s get boring, but we need learn for better future.

I have a lot of hobies, like: dancing shuffle, researching music, listening all music types (from hard rock to progressive house and electro) playing in my own band, playing with piano and drums, being DJ in my school and other parties, and of course SLEEPING. Very Happy As I said my occupation is being a DJ and playing in my band, but I also joined in many projects. Wink

During my Holidays I’m traveling and I think I was at 2/3 parts of Europe. Very Happy

That’s all about me! Very Happy


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Re: Getting to know each other

Post  Anthony on Sun 1 Jan - 21:19

Hello, my name is Anthony .
I am 16 years old.
I am from France , I live with my parents and sister. My sister is 8 years old.

I have many hobbies. I like sports,
I like fishing , running , swimming.
I like stayed with my friends , do party with them.

I am in second year in high school in Belleville.
My favorite subject is : History , English and SES

I'm very happy to speak with you !! Very Happy



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Re: Getting to know each other

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